Montrose has been awarded a place on the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Prosperity Framework, placed among a select group of suppliers qualified to provide services in the health sector across the fund's priority countries.

Launched in April 2016, the Prosperity Fund is a cross-government fund worth approximately £1.3 billion over 6 years. The fund aims to promote economic prosperity and poverty reduction in middle income countries through creation of improved business climates, financial and energy sector reform, and anti-corruption initiatives. The fund aims to achieve this by supporting programmes using UK expertise, focusing on promotion of economic reforms and reduction in barriers to trade, building of strong institutions and policy capacity, and growth in sectors that support the creation of an enabling environment for economic growth such as infrastructure, health, and education.

While the ultimate goal of the Prosperity Fund is poverty reduction, in line with the aims of ODA (Official Development Assistance)-funded assistance as commissioned by DFID (the Department for International Development), the approach of the fund differs in that it focuses on middle-income countries. Along with reducing global poverty in the world's most significant emerging economies, the fund has a secondary aim in also being designed to improve opportunities overseas for UK businesses through promotion of UK expertise on the international stage and creation of improved environments for investment.

The fund will support projects in a range of sectors including business, finance, infrastructure, engineering, education and healthcare in middle income countries in Asia, Africa, Central and South America. In response to a call for suppliers to deliver the health sector components of the fund's investments, Montrose bid for and was successfully awarded a place on a supplier framework (along with a small number of other suitably-qualified organisations) to meet this need. Health sector investments under the Prosperity Fund will aim to ensure an enabling environment for economic prosperity, focusing on systems strengthening, health financing, and specific diseases (particularly non-communicable) that induce a high burden in target countries.